Monday, July 10, 2006

World Cup Final

::sniff:: ::sob:: I'm seriously sad that it's all over. Zidane. WTF? Worse yet, video replay? Seriously, WTF??? A great game marred at the end by Zizou losing his head and the officials opening a right bloody Pandora's box of videotape.

If it's 50 years before I again see a furry Italian player sliding around in old-man whitie-tighties, it will be too soon.

And American announcers seriously need to come up with something different to say on EVERY FREAKING HEADBALL besides "nods it down." I found it quite bothersome after, oh, I don't know, maybe the 90th time it was said, which was about the 30th minute of the very first game. Put Foudy in the booth as color commentator next time. Hell, just let her do all the talking. Marcelo Balboa's pretty to look at, but is beyond grating.

Anyway. Italy are still a bunch of diving bastards. Up Australia!

Back to politics and the cognitive dissonance of being a liberal dyke in George Bush's America tomorrow.

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Damien said...

Yeah! Go Aussies!! Aussie, aussie, aussie! Oy, oy oy!