Saturday, July 01, 2006

Quarterfinal Saturday

Oh, England. Rooney's temper, Becks' bad leg, Sven's questionable substituting, and, oh yeah, a freaking AMAZING performance by the Portugal keeper during the shootout have put them out of the running. Portugal are still a bunch of whining diving bastards.

Oh, Brazil. The only thing missing from Ronaldo's performance was the 3-meter board. He pulled off a couple of beautiful dives, including a late one just outside the area that inexplicably resulted in the hapless bystanding French defender getting booked instead. Brazil showed some flashes, but France put on the best display of Jogo Bonito today. Ronaldo is a diving little git. Zidane and Henry, on the other hand, were pure class and grace. So fluid, so creative, such a joy to watch.

Oh, look. Osama's still around. Oh, look, 66 more dead in Baghdad.

Merci, Zizou, for the couple hours' distraction.

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