Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Back to Normal

Way back when in the early '90s, I bought the good old IBM 386 and stopped paying attention to technology for about a month. When I next cruised the aisles of CompUSA, VGA monitors were already obsolete and all the spec sheets talked about local bus video and I had no idea WTF was going on. Fast forward to 2006. Having trouble digesting the intricacies of Plamegate, I spent about a month not reading about the daily Fitz updates and instead applied myself to the new guitar and increasingly complex fantasies about the GF returning from her road trip.

Having had the time, now, to come up for air, I'm seeing a conspicuous and--to me, at least--baffling lack of indictments and, now, the news from Novak that Rove indeed was one of the leakers. I do seem to remember W vowing to fire anyone who was involved in that sorry mess and many of as salivating at the thoughts of Rove heading up a cascade of indictments leading all the way up to Cheney.

Funny how fantasy manages to outstrip reality almost every damn time.

On the Chicago Tribune website, the link to the story was buried well below the fold, below the story about the lady in Lake Forest whose neighbors are trying to get her pet pigs evicted. It's apparently simply not news. Is this because everyone pretty much knew the whole time that Rove was behind it? That Cheney had a heavy hand in it? That it ultimately doesn't matter who did what, who knew what when, because these guys are so far above the law they can do whatever they want, and most of America will yawn and go back to talking about why the AL has been so dominant in the All-Star game for the past decade?

Can someone explain this to me? Does the majority of the population really not hear about this sort of thing, do they hear about it and not understand it enough to form an opinion, do they understand it and think it's right and good that the unitary executive branch behave like an old-school dictator, or do they understand it and simply sigh and resign themselves to yet another session bent over with no Astroglide?

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Damien said...

I reckon most just don't get it, a fair portion more don't care, and nearly all the rest are resigned. That leaves just a scant few to actually give a shit. Well, at least we still exist and can act when we've stopped realing from the latest wallop.