Thursday, August 21, 2008

But Wait, There's More

A little tidbit published yesterday morning that I didn't see until now...
On the worst day of her career, when her team had fallen apart on the field and off, Carli Lloyd returned to the hotel, hoping to find peace, only to be confronted by video cameras.

The U.S. women's soccer team had just lost to Brazil, 4-0, in the World Cup semifinals in China last year... She and her teammates needed some time and space to process it all - to hug each other, cry a little bit and somehow get over the crushing loss. But now these obnoxious cameras were in their faces as they walked through the lobby, and the people behind the lenses were laughing and smiling and enjoying their pain.

That's because the camera operators were members of the Brazilian team, who were staying at the same hotel. They ambushed the Americans and recorded their puffy-eyed reactions to the devastating defeat.

Since that's how Brazil likes to roll, I'll play right along.

Women's Football Finals Review: Brazil vs. US, an Athens repeat
Boo frickin' hoo.


Keeper said...

Stay classy, Brazil.

truth said...

OMG. I don't feel so bad about running around my living room this morning screaming, go ahead and cry, you effing LOSERS!

At least I was in the privacy of my own house. And not filming the pain of others.

This makes me hate Brazil just a little more. And I already hated them for all the diving and flopping and whining.

Great posts on the match!