Monday, August 25, 2008

Quick Hits

I am a bad, bad political blogger. I have watched about ten minutes of the convention coverage so far and missed the two major speeches by Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama, relying now on MSNBC's highlights and web coverage. I was a good mom instead, playing tennis (hey, look at me! I'm BrettCajun!) with my boy and taking him for ice cream.

And now I take off the mom hat just for a second since good moms aren't supposed to say fuck, and when I read this about all I can honestly say is what the fuck is this?
McCain told a crowd that wife, Cindy, was to accompany him on his visit to California and he apologized for her absence.

"Cindy is not here today and I'm sorry she's not," said McCain. "She's on her way to the little country of Georgia."

Cindy is going to Georgia to assess civilian casualties. Yes, she's with the World Food Program, but doesn't it smack a little of, oh, I don't know, presumptuousness? Just a titch?

What else? I also managed to miss all the promos for the upcoming Rachel Maddow MSNBC show. The Obama speech snippets I saw sounded lovely and nonthreatening enough, although I doubt her proclamation that she does, after all, love America will be seen by terrorist fist bump spotters as anything but covering her ass. No help for them anyway, so it doesn't much matter. And it was nice to see Ted up there for one last hurrah, and poignant to hear his son talk about all the work he's expecting his father to do under the new administration. I hope those committee chairmanships come true, Patrick.

In other news, I finally got a diary promoted over at Pam's House Blend, by no lesser a personage than Pam herself, and naturally it's not my best work by a longshot and was promptly ignored by most of the readership. Ah well. Focus! It's all about the focus!

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