Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Moments

Anything to get the Edwards post off the top of the page, I suppose...

Women's national team: much, much better against Japan. The team appears to have settled down and rediscovered the midfield. Boxx turned in a very good performance after looking shaky against Norway and Lloyd managed to put her shots more or less on frame, with one of the "more" category finding the back of the net. Cox is still a liability at left back, leaving the Japan wing open more often than not or getting beaten on the dribble. Rodriguez is fast, fast, fast.

They play again sometime. Tomorrow morning? It's all a blur. I'm sure someone will wake me up at the appropriate time.

Water polo looks like it sucks to play. That is a serious amount of treading water in a funny hat while the other team is trying to drown you. I would angle to get penalties called on me as often as possible so I could sputter over to the floating penalty box and hang on to the ropes for a while.

Things I have not watched with any degree of rapt attention include horses, archers, and rowers. Synchronized diving was cool, volleyball's cool, and other things are probably lovely as well. Three cable channels running simultaneous and sometimes repeated coverage have exceeded my capacity to keep anything straight. Thus ends the Olympic update.

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