Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We Read This Morning's Daily Star

Who knew celebrating turning 41 would involve sudden, agonizing exhaustion at roughly 8:16 pm? So much that even the guys on the still rings could barely entice me to keep my eyes open? Jesus. Anyway, a couple of headlines got my groggy attention this morning.

Condo project targets the lesbian market. Really?
San Francisco-based Olivia Travel is teaming up with the developer of the Condominium at Williams Centre to market the project as a lesbian-friendly condo complex.

Olivia founder Judy Dlugacz said her organization has been searching for an opportunity to create a lesbian-oriented condo community. The Tucson project would be her organization's first condo complex, she said.

"We're going to premium-ize the development," she said.

Mercy me. A lesbian condo complex--wait, not just that--a premium-ized lesbian condo complex. In Tucson. "Premium-ize" here apparently means "has a salt water pool," which I didn't think would necessarily have people lining up in droves to jump in since we tend to spend the entire Tucson summer and ungodly parts of the spring and fall walking around in our own personal salt water pools that are contained in our clothing, but as I may be somewhat out of touch with the mainstream lesbian community here, maybe that's a really big lesbian selling point. I've lost both my user's manual and my copy of the agenda, so if someone could help me out here that'd be great.

The units are projected to sell in the $170,000-300,000 range, which is pretty square in the middle of the Tucson housing market. Toss in the salt water tank and the proximity of tens upon tens of lesbian couples and it probably turns into a screaming deal, although a quick mental inventory of the lesbians I know of in town returns maybe two who could afford to buy a new place in that range, and they're already ensconced in a lovely home up in the Foothills, so I'm not sure who exactly are among the 50 to 60 reported to have ponied up some cash already.

Item the next: Obama tells McCain to lay off. About damn time.

McCain — a former Navy fighter pilot and prisoner of war in Vietnam — has asserted repeatedly that Obama's opposition to the Iraq war showed he would rather lose the war than forfeit the contest for the presidency.

Obama took him to task on Tuesday, saying: "one of the things that we have to change in this country is the idea that people can't disagree without challenging each other's character and patriotism. I have never suggested that Senator McCain picks his positions on national security based on politics or personal ambition. I have not suggested it because I believe that he genuinely wants to serve America's national interest. Now, it's time for him to acknowledge that I want to do the same.

Let me be clear: I will let no one question my love of this country. I love America, so do you, and so does John McCain. ... you all served together, and fought together, and bled together under the same proud flag."

I'm letting this little bubble of hope tide me over until the veep announcement tomorrow, at which point I will probably start pounding my head into the wall.

Item the last, not in any prominent part of the paper: US WNT trounces Japan to move into gold medal game. I will get to this later, but for now, let me just continue to say that anyone who laid money on Angela Hucles (!) being the money-ball offensive threat for this team in this tournament has got to be drooling over their travel brochures and Mountain Gear catalogs right about now. Damn!

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Damien said...

Strange idea, that. Maybe it'll be a huge success? I hear ya re loosing one's agenda memo's Those blasted things are so hard to keep track of :)