Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In Which We Are a Tad Perplexed

I haven't exactly flogged the Edwards thing to death, although I did give it a good hard shake when it officially broke on Friday, but the lack of repeated posting on it should not be confused for forgetting about it and moving on. Everything about it continues to piss me off something mighty, and I'm perplexed by many left/lib/progressive pundits and bloggers and their commenting communities shrugging it off with some version of it's a private matter for someone who is no longer serving in or seeking public office, so it's not relevant to public discourse. Aroo?

Boltgirl is confused.

Let me check the wayback machine for a second to see if Clinton pissed me off this much. *zip* Nope, not this much. Maybe it didn't seem so desperate then, so much a sense of narrowly averting disaster. Maybe it's because I stood there in the voting booth on primary day and contemplated writing in Edwards. Maybe it's the shattering of that fragile sense of superiority I got from watching the weekly parade of right-wing pontificators or their surrogates get caught in sexually compromising situations. Maybe it's anger at knowing I gave Edwards the benefit of the doubt when he said he's against gay marriage but was struggling to cross that bridge, when he had been merrily defiling the sanctity of his own marriage with a Dina Lohan clone.

A private matter? Sure, when you're a private citizen. Knowingly being a lying douchebag when I've pinned some hopes on you? I can't shrug that off so easily.

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