Thursday, August 07, 2008

Quote of the Day

Is it Friday? No? How can it only be Thursday? Jesus. Anyway. Obama played Elkhart (Indiana) yesterday, and left us this gem:
I know that Senator McCain likes to call himself a maverick, and the fact is there have been times where in the past he did show some independence, but the price he paid for his party's nomination has been to reverse himself on position after position, and now he embraces the failed Bush policies of the last eight years--politics that helped break Washington in the first place. And that doesn't meet my definition of a maverick.
Well, as the kids say, w00t. It's about goddamn time.

In other news, McCain also admitted yesterday that keeping your tires inflated is a good idea after all, forcing his campaign to scuttle plans to continue to distribute Obama tire gauges to the press corps. 89 days to the election.

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Dennis said...

I hate McCain. I have nothing substantive to add, just had to share that little nugget.