Tuesday, November 21, 2006

In Which We Ponder the Decline of Our Secret Super Power and Other Mysteries

In this edition of Boltgirl Lite--throwing this up here mainly to keep from dropping off the radar of the sixteen or so people who actually read the blog--we ponder a few things that have been bugging us.

Where Has Our Secret Super Power Gotten Off To? My secret super power is that I can clap really loud. Granted, this is a bit benign in the super power department, if not flat-out lame, but it was mine and I could do it quite effectively. The Original ExTM hated sitting next to me at basketball games because my Super Punishly Loud Sonic Boomlet of a handclap hurt his ears. It's mainly useful now as a way to torture the boy when we're driving somewhere. But the clap has lost some of its oomph in recent months. Maybe the superset-based weight training and aerobic threshold interval training is slimming down my palms. Yes. That must be it.

What Is That Elusive Scent? For the past week I've been catching this whiff of something trailing me from time to time. I swear it's the deodorant I used in high school, which I can't put a name to, although I can picture the roll-on bottle (sans label) quite clearly. It's not my shampoo or current deodorant, and as those are the only scented products I apply to myself on a regular basis, I'm at a loss. I'd think maybe it's my high school self, having inadvertently walked into a wormhole, stalking me, but didn't Einstein say travel to the future is impossible because it doesn't exist? Hopefully this is not a harbinger of doom. Although, if it is, doom doesn't smell half bad.

What Holiday-based Drama Will Thanksgiving Shower Upon Us This Year? Odds are actually good for a low incidence of drama this year, given the absence of any of my parental or grandparental units at dinner. We are going to The Original ExTM's house to eat with him, his new wife, her gay brother and their mom, their cats, and our various kids, which I guess makes it a fairly standard lesbian Thanksgiving. No Tofurkey, though, which may be a strike against.

What Day Will We Finish Our Christmas Shopping? I am hoping for December 2. I would have done it all this past weekend if not for the mortgage payment and several assorted bills eating up all of the paycheck, save for grocery money.

What Are We Going to Do Once We Are too Old to Continue Refereeing for Extra Cash? Ah shite. I pondered this one yesterday afternoon while working a 6th-grade girls' game and planning how to apportion the $42 among several needy causes. It's almost enough to make a body lie down on the field and weep into her whistle.

Zzzzz... [snork] Wha....??? zzzzz.

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Anonymous said...

Just read the little tale of your diminishing "superpower" which I found most amusing. I share the same superpower as you....my clap is in the "makes ears bleed" catagory. My husband says it should carry a government health warning...."this clap can seriously damage your hearing" hehehe. As a superpower I find it most useful, especially at work, as I am a middle school teacher. When I unleash my superloud clap, a deathly hush descends upon the class. Once heard, they don't want to hear it a second time!!

Don't let your superpower diminish, boltgirl. You may need it someday.