Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Uterus Is Not A Clown Car

Have I mentioned the Quiverfull movement in earlier posts? Given props to the extreme evangelical right for, if nothing else, their ability to stick to a decades-long, insidous plan? I think I have. This is what I was talking about (hit the link for a long, disturbing story in The Nation):

After arguing Scripture, the Hesses point to a number of more worldly effects that a Christian embrace of Quiverfull could bring. "When at the height of the Reagan Revolution," they write, "the conservative faction in Washington was enforced [sic] with squads of new conservative congressmen, legislators often found themselves handcuffed by lack of like-minded staff. There simply weren't enough conservatives trained to serve in Washington in the lower and middle capacities." But if just 8 million American Christian couples began supplying more "arrows for the war" by having six children or more, they propose, the Christian-right ranks could rise to 550 million within a century ("assuming Christ does not return before then"). They like to ponder the spiritual victory that such numbers could bring: both houses of Congress and the majority of state governor's mansions filled by Christians; universities that embrace creationism; sinful cities reclaimed for the faithful; and the swift blows dealt to companies that offend Christian sensibilities.
Hell, why stop with swift blows to companies that offend their sensibilities? Why not just stone all of the heathens while they're at it?

As the first commenter pointed out on tristero's post over on digby, a more apropos name than "Quiverfull" would be "Clown Car." Yessirree, women as brood mares and the denigration of the infertile and those past breeding age. Handmaid's Tale references must be pushing Godwin levels these days, but I'll throw one in here anyway, particularly given the Quiverpeople's unfortunate choice of words in calling themselves a Red-Diaper movement. They mean, of course, that they're cranking out future Red State voters by the dozens, but when will they eventually start dressing their women in red dresses, as sort of an intermediate stage between the Red Diaper and the Red Hat Society?

Sometimes I wonder how kids feel when they find out they were conceived solely to provide a bone marrow transfusion to a dying sibling. Now I wonder how many of God's Own Artillery are going to feel when they realize they have been bred like orcs toward their parents' ends of world domination?

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