Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sweet Home Chicago, Day One

Well, it' s more like My Uncle's Sweet Home DuPage County 36 Miles From The Loop, but you get the idea. After a 32-hour train ride (only an hour late! yay Amtrak!) that entailed only a smidgen of drama, I'm happily wrapped up in the tiny woods surrounding my uncle's house, listening to the rain, watching the clouds, drinking in the complete green of the place. The 200-year-old oak trees shade a thick understory of trillium, False Solomon's Seal, True Solomon's seal, nightshade, phlox, wild ginger, Joe Pye weed, jewelweed, and poison ivy. Chipmunks and squirrels hop across the yard and marvel at the single intrepid squirrel who's managed to foil the multiple barriers on the pole to hang onto the birdfeeder and pilfer all the sunflower seeds he can stuff into his cheeks. Of course, it takes him two or three tries to flip up over the barrier, so most of the time he's spiked back to the ground with a galvanized aluminum clang. The other squirrels don't laugh too loud, though, because this guy at least gets to eat, and he ain't sharing.

Pictures and hot squirrel action video may be posted later if I figure out how to transfer them to my aunt's ancient laptop. Does this thing have a USB port? I'm not sure. Life is good.

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