Monday, June 15, 2009

All Quickies, All the Time

The combination of looming deadlines and individual days insisting on being no more than 24 hours apiece leaves precious little time for blogging, so the Boltiverse is going to take the form of brief mental health breaks for the next month or so.

Today's topic is What the Fuck Is Going on with WPS Referees?

Maybe a better question is to ask what's going on with league directives to the referees, since recent weeks have made it look like the WPS is trying its hardest to emulate women's NCAA hockey without going the full route of explicitly saying no hitting! Someone might get hurt! You're females, for Chrissakes! This Sunday we watched the Breakers-Athletica game, and somewhere amidst Hope Solo sauntering a full three yards out of the box with the ball in her hands and the ten or twenty references to players who've been suspended, Boston's Jennie Nobis came in on a challenge for a ball in the air and sent the St. Louis defender sprawling. The foul was called, appropriately, but the yellow card was immediately pulled out, and we looked at each other and said, huh? There were no elbows involved. Nobis was tracking the ball all the way. She simply caught more of the defender than she should have. Definite foul, but a caution? Definitely not. We wait with bated breath to see how much of a suspension Nobis will draw from the punishment-happy commissioner.

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