Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My Real WTF Moment

Olbermann's getting on my nerves more often than not. Tonight's WTF Moment was busting on Bush for reading too many books during his administration. Granted, the man was apparently ripping through them at a rate prodigious enough to suggest that other duties might have been neglected, but maybe that early bedtime was set up to accommodate his history book jones, and after spending eight years bashing Bush's apparent lack of intellectual curiosity, it's disingenuous to criticize him for reading too much history, for crissakes. That none of it seemed to sink in is another matter entirely.


My WTF moment came this evening, which is Day Five of a fucking sinus infection that has completely put me on my ass, which came on the heels of a groin pull, which came on the heels of sore knees, if knees have heels, which came on the heels of a perpetually spasming deltoid and triceps, which came on the heels of an inflamed rotator cuff, which came on the heels of another goddamn migraine, and my stress levels are through the roof. It goes something like this: I officially lost twenty pounds, have been eating healthy home-cooked meals rather than going out, have been working out like a maniac, have largely eschewed alcohol other than the occasional glass or two of red wine, and have even been dutifully drinking more water, and after all that have officially felt like shit for about three months solid now. WTF?

I mean, seriously, WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK? The outcome was supposed to be the exact opposite of what it's turned out to be, and I'm pissed. Gimme a taco and a beer. All this health is fucking killing me.
Please, Jesus.

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