Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Soccer, Saucing, and (Re)Search

In other words, slogging through site reports with half-assed yet increasingly nervous attention to a Friday deadline for the background research I need to compile for an upcoming proposal. My effectiveness is being hampered somewhat by attempting to pull this off despite being booted out of my office network roughly every two minutes, while simultaneously watching the Confederations Cup and pondering the best recipe for peanut sauce. I am leaving in a week for a three-week adventure up the left coast into the Pacific Northwest with my son, and lord knows we will not survive the wilds of Oregon without sufficient satay supplies.

Prediction: New Zealand will be slaughtered by Spain, quite possibly by five or more, and the peanut sauce will be the stuff of weeping angels and approving nods by Padma Lakshmi.

In other news, my lawyer friend marginally talked me down from my window ledge over the DOJ brief seeking to dismiss the California DOMA lawsuit for lack of standing, but just barely. Since I am not a lawyer, I get to say I still think the whole thing's extremely aggravating anyway.

Back to South Africa-Iraq, thanking the DVR gods for the ability to watch the match after breakfast rather than before. 0-0 and not real inspiring, and I still haven't decided who I want to win. Spain-New Zealand after that, and then the WPS match this afternoon.

Oh, and Archaic period culture history. Really.

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