Monday, January 16, 2006

Cold Here

No improvement since this morning. I was, however, energized, impressed, and just generally delighted by Al Gore's speech at Constitution Hall this morning. He called out Bush on all his administration's bullshit and also called out Congress for rolling over in their best doormat impression. Special prosecutor! Criminal investigation! Reclaiming the Constitution! The man was magnetizing. It may have been one of the best political speeches I have ever heard. Hell, considering the current climate of marching in lockstep with the Imperator, it is The Best Ever.

Re-Elect Gore 2008? Maybe. Gore-Edwards? Gore-Obama? Not Gore-Clinton, please.

Inspired by a bitch's dinner party list, here is my guest list for the most-interesting dinner party ever.

MFK Fisher (she can cook and then write about it later)
Ruth Reichl (sous chef and guest columnist)
Abraham Lincoln ('nuff said)
Howard Zinn (would have interesting questions for Lincoln)
my grandma (feisty)
George Will (yeah, a conservative... but articulate and shows flashes of reason)
Jane Addams (would have some interesting questions for Will)
Ellen Goodman (can keep Will in line)
Lou Holtz (good for stories)
Dean Smith (interesting counterpoint to Holtz)
Bill Clinton (between him and Holtz, no one else will get a word in edgewise)
Paul Krugman (can help keep Will in line)
Robert E. Lee (studies in leadership: compare and contrast with Holtz and Smith)
Amy Ray (would have some interesting questions for Lee)
Julie Foudy (love her politics, and she's easy on the eyes)
me (listening in awed silence)

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