Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I rearranged my cozy dive of an office into a slightly larger but still cozy space, still decorated in Early Dorm Room Revival. My monitor is perched on a different corner of the table, unanchored by the wall, so the Tammy the Cheerleader wire sculpture my son made for me jiggles enthusiastically with every keystroke.

As always, my long-term ADD kicked in after a day of shoving bookcases around the grungy linoleum floor, stacking and re-stacking piles of books, sorting through boxes of dusty rocks, and finding the odd bag here and there of misplaced artifacts (!) that should have been returned to the museum years ago. Now that the bulk of the shuffling is finished, I find myself sitting and wondering what I've been doing for real work and what I need to do next.

Disturbing how easily I'm derailed these days.

Interesting things uncovered in the move:
1. little compartment boxes I can put little rocks in
2. missing bag of ceramics from a bucket of trash rocks
3. two pictures my son made for me long ago
4. my Nunzilla windup doll
5. stack of blank CDs
6. ancient petrified lime from under the table
7. two model airplanes I'd thought I'd lost
8. replicated projectile points made by a master knapper
9. my bottle of green hot sauce
10. exciting assortment of post-it notes

My goal for the rest of the week is to finish the current major project and make some headway on the next one. No problem, right?

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