Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Fourth Amendment Means Whatever the Fuck We Decide It Means!

The deputy director of the NSA held a press conference yesterday defending the administration's domestic wiretapping program. I listened to this on NPR and found myself unable to stop screaming,which was a problem as I was on my way to a followup appointment at a large hospital where screaming people aren't necessarily allowed to walk around unfettered.

Words fail me. Audacity? Arrogance? Blinding imperial hubris? Listening to the man lecture reporters that "if there's any amendment to the Constitution of the United States that employees of the National Security Agency are familiar with it's the Fourth"
and then proceed to deliberately misstate and distort that amendment made me physically ill. He stood up there and unabashedly lied.

How is the Constitution safeguarded when the people who are sworn to protect it grab words and phrases out of context, and then use them as justification for ignoring the rest of the document? For ignoring the rest of the very amendment they just quote-mined?

There should be a special place in hell reserved for mainstream media that do not present this for exactly what it is--a bald-faced power grab facilitated by the deliberate distortion of the Constitution (liberal bias, MY BIG FAT ASS). That they know they will, most likely, get away with it is an indictment of the American public's ignorance, apathy, and ovine desire to be "safe," no matter the cost in principle and actual harm.

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