Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I apparently watched the Golden Globes last night in their entirety, not something I was at all planning on, but I got sucked in by the GF and her kid. I remember being insanely excited about award shows when I was her age, giddy to see my favorite celebs all gussied up and out of character. Random comments:

1. Whoever Drew Barrymore pays to be her personal assistant should be slapped for letting her go in front of cameras braless in that particular dress. I hate my bra as much as the next girl, but come on! More than a little support was warranted, and I suspect the dress material didn't look quite so translucent to Ms. Barrymore when she stood in front of her mirror. I mean, if her goal was to put her aureolas on display, she could have done so a little more fashionably.

2. Geena Davis is pretty funny.

3. Chris Rock is starting to get on my nerves, although I did so appreciate the disdain on his face when Tim McGraw came out.

4. Harrison Ford needs to make the goatee a permanent addition, to hide his increasingly jowly old-man lower face. Sigh.

5. Methinks the revulsion Pamela Anderson barely bothered to mask at being paired with William Peterson was mutual.

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