Friday, January 06, 2006

Mindless Escapism

Best hamburgers in Tucson:
Red Garter Saloon
Chuy's (really)
Bob Dobbs (if you're in the mood to reek of garlic for several days after)

CDs I guess I'll buckle down and buy after all:
The Arcade Fire--Funeral
The Decemberists--Picareque
Mountain Goats--The Sunset Tree

What I like at the movies:
kiddie-size popcorn
big-ass Coke
Butterfinger BBs

Places I've been once I'd like to go back to:
Puget Sound, WA
Black Hills, SD
Bisbee, AZ
Door County, WI

Places I've been once I have no desire to ever see again:
all of Minnesota, at least in summer
eastern Wyoming
Wall, SD

Childhood mad crushes:
Harrison Ford
Stephen Collins

Current mad crushes:
Abby Wambach
Jill Hennessey

Foods I simply cannot eat:
green olives
bleu cheese

Foods I simply cannot live without:
pad thai
chocolate kitties from Trader Joe's
Beyond Bread rustic

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