Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Love the political blogs, love Daily Kos, Americablog, the whole lot. Hate the acronyms. POTUS. SCOTUS. Do those not sound like dangly body parts? Seeing the word and then picturing wrinkly old men in robes... well, it's enough to put me off my feed. So I'm not watching the SOTU tonight, which makes me think of Captain Sulu, bless his out little heart, but I am watching the State of the Union. With a notepad and, hopefully, just the right amount of red wine to take away the pain--but not so much that I throw things at the TV and scare the dogs and the kids. It's ripe drinking game material, but I would end up plastered in the first 15 minutes off the "September 11th!" references alone.

There will be plenty of that. There will be an obsequious nod to the atesticular Senate for yesterday's cloture vote on Alito. There will be the haughty assurance that the best way to honor the boys and girls who have fallen in Iraq or come back maimed is to keep sending boys and girls into the chipper. There will be at least a couple doublespeak initiatives to assure the final pillaging of the environment. And maybe, just maybe, we will have a solemn affirmation of the unique man-woman nature of marriage.

Sigh. Maybe Dennis Leahy will stand with his back to the podium. Maybe Ted Kennedy will simply vomit into the aisle during one of the half-house standing ovations.

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