Monday, January 16, 2006

Cold Onset

Winter has apparently arrived in southern Arizona, with blustery winds and chilly air portending an actual freeze tonight. Natually, I who do not believe in the notion of people getting sick simply from exposure to cold air woke up with a clogged head, drippy nose, and general malaise. Despite the normal outward appearance, I am certain my head is actually twice its normal size, and I seem to be floating slightly.

Another letter in the paper today from the retired Air Force colonel, doling out his right-tinged version of reality. I am glad I read it; otherwise I never would have known that Alito gave straightforward, honest answers in his confirmation hearing, that the Democrats badgered Mrs. Alito [sic] to tears, or that they were engaged in a Clintonesque strategy of character assassination.

Fascinating stuff, that.

I'd write a rebuttal but don't have the energy today. I wonder if the colonel thinks the same thing about my ilk that I do about his, namely, how people can go through their days so completely oblivious to any reality but the one they want to be true.

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