Friday, January 13, 2006

Confirmation Hearings Hangover

Jesus GOD. Three days of grandstanding, obseqiousness, and sidestepping later, there's really only one reasonable conclusion left. We are fucked.

Alito's inability to answer a straightforward question with a straightforward answer, even a hypothetical with all the exegencies laid out for him, was maddening enough over the broadband. Major props to Feingold for not leaping from the dais and slapping him upside his shiny mug. Major props to Feingold and Kennedy for being the only Dems with enough balls to hang onto their questions with bulldog-like tenacity and actually state that they're moving on to another question only because they were resigned to never getting a straight answer. Feinstein came close a couple of times, but let him wiggle off the unitary executive hook instead of reeling him in. Go for the kill, people! Don't get the man teetering on the brink of admitting his affinity for an imperial presidency, only to shift gears to the Commerce Commission! Warrantless wiretapping... signing statements... .... uh, odometers? Shit.

So, yeah, I need a day off from politics. Today promises a paycheck and a trip to the Icecats game. We got a raise for the first time in... four years? I think... so maybe I'll splurge and get an overpriced quality beer instead of the usual overpriced crap beer. Then again, it is hockey, so maybe it should be Bud.

I shall drink blue-collar beer and bemoan the fate of the Republic.

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